3 Hour Garden Design

Get a New Garden Design Within 3 Hours!

Wouldn't it be great if you could get a professional garden designer to create a perfect plan for your garden? Better still, what if you could get a completed design in your hand within 3 hours of our visit? We have the solution!
Remote Garden Design Now Available.

Who Am I?

Alison Brown of 3 Hour Garden Design

I am Alison Brown and I have over 15 years garden design experience combined with qualifications from a renowned London design school. Initially my talents were in art, primarily drawing and painting in watercolour. I developed this interest further during my stay in Hong Kong where I lived and worked during the 1990's.

When I came back to the UK, I studied for a Diploma in Garden Design with the KLC School of Design, Chelsea. In my final year I was awarded the 'Student of the Year Prize'. With my creative inspiration, extensive plant and landscaping knowledge, I will assess all your garden design requirements, your lifestyle needs, and then create a design that will transform your garden.

What Do I Do?


Garden Design
This 'Doorbell to Design' concept makes a fully designed garden workable, especially to those who wish to work together with a qualified Garden Designer. I will measure your garden and draw up the plan on the spot. Your completed scaled concept plan will deal with all the elements you require for your garden, showing size, position and proportion. This can then be used as a blueprint for your construction project. I will share with you many of the basic design 'rules' with an emphasis on shape, positioning of paved areas, planting and lawn.

Concept Plan Specifics

Garden Designer
This consultation service is designed to provide you with a garden design plan that is drawn to scale, providing the position, shape and proportion of the elements required in your garden. It may make suggestions dealing with construction issues such as basic levels and drainage, however these may require specific construction specifications and consultation. The Plan is a bird's eye view and provides enough detail for a good landscaping professional to provide a quote from.

Planting and Landscaping

Garden Designers
I can also provide a planting list and/or plan with suggestions for planting, suitable to the position and soil type in your garden and consideration to your maintenance requirements. 3 Hour Garden Design is a 'One stop shop', I have access to a landscaping team which can turn your garden design into reality. For more information on this landscaping service, contact us here or call me on 07941 316498 and I will aim to respond as soon as possible.

What Does it Cost?

3 Hour Garden Design
I work to a very simple, no hidden costs, principle. For my travel to you and for the first hour I spend with you I charge £170. For each hour thereafter the cost is £60. If I then need to work on the drawings offsite, I charge £45 per hour. These fees are set regardless of the size of your garden, obviously the larger the garden, the longer it will take to measure and produce a drawing. As a guide, a concept plan for a 20m x 20m plot (typical to most 3 to 4 bedroom town houses) would take approximately 3 hours, therefore incurring a cost of £290.
3 Hour Garden Design
How Can I Help You?
If you are looking for a new garden, a makeover, or just some inspiration, I can help. Please phone 07941 316498 for a chat, or fill in my quick form below and I will reply as soon as I can. Getting a new garden design is as easy as 1-2-3